All products supplied by Hanwood conform to the relevant US (ASTM), European (EN), British (GB) and other international standards.

Our manufacturers are measured against a series of predetermined quality control & management requirements. They operate a quality manual designed to ISO900: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004 & ISO 10012 standards.

Aluminium mills (extrusion & rolling) hold global updated production equipment and quality inspection system, the surface processing include series of aluminium profile that have been subject to the processes of mill finish, anodize, electro-deposition, electrophoresis coating, polishing, chemical brightening, powder coated, wet painting, wood grain transfer, thermal insulation products and also PVDF coating products for various application such as door and window, roller shutters, curtain wall, internal decoration, machinery, automotive then other residential and industry applications.

Plastic mills (Polycarbonate, Acrylic & PVC) with modern automatic production equipment, district-level and municipal engineering R & D centres and complete supporting facilities in place. As a professional solution provider, they can effectively solve corrosion and light transmission problems for our customers with a wide range of high quality products, including permanent roofing, roofing and wall panels resistant from high corrosion, conservatories and greenhouses, LED energy saving light panels and advertising light boxes. We build up customer’s confidence with professional team, exceptional product design, strong development capabilities, high-quality product range, innovative solutions and full range of services providing. 

Glass mill invested many experienced glass deep processing professionals and material resources in production process control, product quality monitoring and product research and development. Low iron glass adopts the patented technology authorized by the American PPG. They can meet ASTM, EN and GB standards and passed ISO9001:2018 international quality management system, CSI Certification AS/NZS 2208:1996 Safety glazing materials in buildings, AS/NZS 4666:2012 Insulating Glass Units. Building glass includes float glass, tempered glass, insulation glass, laminated glass, fire resistant glass and glazed glass. Home appliance glass includes flat curved tempered glass and glazed glass. We are also working on architectural glass projects to provide professional services and high-quality products around the world.