We are a team of expats who have 25 years experience in Non-Ferrous Metal, Plastic and Glass industry working on your behalf, bridging the gap of business, eliminating any communication barriers caused by the difference of culture, time, location and languages. We are working with integrity, credibility, consistency and expertise to exceed the demands of our customers.

We pride ourselves in our excellent manufacturer-management to follow the customers standards and requirements for a full range of quality products whilst enabling a great cost-control in different markets.

We are very flexible to provide tailor-made services to our customers that is supported by our local teams who are knowledgeable, friendly and dedicated then competent and motivated to provide you a quality service. You can get a quick response for any design inquiries, problem-solving or technical support queries.

We are able to hedge raw material prices and multi-currency rate which is supported by financial institutes to offer our customer competitive packages meaning that you as the customer are not affected by any raw material and currency fluctuation.

Our Services: 

  • Sourcing Solution
  • Supplier auditing, price negotiations, production planning and quality control
  • New Product Development
  • Product Certification
  • Raw Material Price Hedging
  • Multi-Currency Hedging
  • Project Management
  • Project Finance Supporting
  • Logistic Solution, Custom Clearance and Deliver door to door services
  • Act as Importer of record on Behalf of our Customers