Plastic sheets & profiles are used with widespread of applications and is extremely popular due to its many benefits. Its composition allows it to filter light internally in a similar manner to that of glass, making it with effective lightweight alternative for homes, sheds and other types of properties.

There are a variety of uses of plastic sheets & profiles for residential, commercial and industrial applications can take advantage of. As the panels are extremely light in weight, they can be easily transported and installed wherever they are required.

Hanwood Group offers a wide range of products, you will be able to find the right materials for your projects with different dimensions and designs. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Product Range

  • PC Solid sheets
  • PC twin-wall & multiwall sheets
  • PC corrugated sheets 
  • PC pattern & frosted sheets 
  • PC micro-structured light diffusion sheets 
  • PC anti-dripping hollow sheets 
  • PC stripe & ribbed sheet
  • PC profiles, profile tiles & roofing tiles
  • Acrylic transparent & colored sheets
  • Acrylic fabric & marble sheets
  • Acrylic frosted & silk sheets
  • Acrylic extra thick sheets
  • Acrylic tint sheet
  • Acrylic glass look sheet
  • Acrylic fluorescent sheet
  • Acrylic sanitary ware sheet
  • PVC foam board
  • PVC engraving foam board
  • PVC board (self-adhesive)
  • PVC sheets (self-adhesive)
  • PVC roofing sheets
  • FPVC corrugated roofing tiles
  • PVC glazing roofing tiles
  • PVC translucent roofing tiles