Hanwood Group provides polycarbonate storm panels of the highest quality, offering the highest levels of protection. We meet, and exceed, the standards laid out in ASTM E1886 2005, as well as Florida Building Code specifications and testing requirements. Our product also has Miami Dade Certification #16-0801.05 and we are able to offer both Multi wall and Clear bertha storm panels.

Polycarbonate hurricane panels offer all the protection of traditional steel or aluminium panels, but with an amazing difference – total clarity. With up to 85% light transmission, our panels offer performance that has been certified to stringent National, State, and County regulations through extensive testing in independent South Florida laboratories. Our product comply with:

  • Will not shatter, rust of Corrode
  • Optically clear window & door protection
  • Ultra light-weight, compared to steel panels
  • High dent-resistant, compared to aluminium panels
  • Made from super tough poly carbonate resin. No sharp edges
  • Completely Transparent – allows light inside and vision outside
  • Meets or exceeds Dade county and new ASTM requirements 
  • Standard widths allow for compatibility with metal panels. 
  • Easy for handling, stacking, and allows for metal upgrade
  • Miami Dade certificate # 16-0801.05

Storm panel products including:

  • Polycarbonate Panels
  • Hurricane Panels
  • Lexan Panels
  • Storm Panels
  • Multi Wall Panels
  • Clear Bertha Panels