As stated below, different levels of Wood-Grain finishing can be selected with a real wood appearance that also feels great to touch.

They have a long duration, high strength, great erosion resistance, water and humidity resistant, good colour retention, anti-mould and anti-termites’ characteristics.

These products apply for both indoor and outdoor construction and furniture and can also be recycled as they are environmentally friendly.


  • Garden & Patio furniture
  • Conservatory, Window & Door Frame
  • Kitchen implements
  • Toilet cabinets
  • Office furniture
  • Home furniture
  • Fence & Gate
  • Outdoor & garden decorations
  • Wood Grain Product Range


– Wooden pattern transfer

– Suitable for indoor


– Base coat + brushed coating

– Suitable for both indoors and outdoors

– Good to touch and great appearance


– Base coat + roller scratch + wooden pattern transfer

– Suitable for both indoors and outdoors

– Excellently textured, great to touch with a real wood effect

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