Window & Door System

Engineer window mullion, window clips, tube mullion, heavy mullion, light mullion, mullion clip, mullion U-clip, mullion L-clip, Angle L-clip, inside U-clip, mullion bars, window sill, window sash, door handles, door hinges, sliding window, casement window, shop front, rolling door, garage door, single hung window, single hung door, pivot window, security windows, security bar, swing door section, window sash, ladder sections, scaffolding sections, residential gates, bifolding doors.

Fence, Railing & Balustrade Profiles

D.O.T. picket rail, top and bottom rail splice, post, picket, post mount, fabbed pipe, fabbed DOT inner sleeve, railing channel, railing channel cover plate, mid tail tube, outside sleeve, arch aluminum channel, pre-punched railing channel, punched picket spears,  DOT Bullet/Bicycle Rail System, Bullet/Bicycle top cap, bullet rail splice, hand rail clamp, splice insert bar, straight h-beam, bullet rail end cap, double hollow side rail, top cap, wall mount, end cap, cove molding, heavy X-pole, light x-pole, snap channel, snap plate, snap post, corner post, picket, oval picket, hollow cap, solid cap, outside sleeve, oval top cap, inner splice, round top cap, handicap grip rail, colonial top rail, colonial bottom channel, colonial bottom rail, dixie cap, decorative aluminum rings, hollow dixie cap, 45 degree post, gate hinge, centerlin projected pipe bracket, glass railing top cap, round glass cap, glass bottom channel, glass rail inner sleeve, glass rail post, round top caprectangular glass top cap, offset oval glass cap, offset oval glass rail cap, heavy duty glass rail post, offset bottom channel, glass channel, glass bottom channel glass mid rail, glass shoe base, square post stiffener.

Enclosure & Gates Profiles

Gate post stiffener, gate post A-stiffener. econo post stiffener, K post stiffener, corner post stiffener, H-stiffener, H-QA stiffener, C-stiffener, WTP stiffener, H-E stiffener, IV rail stiffener, P-stiffener, U-stiffener, angle stiffener, J-stiffener, PK=stiffener, P-stiffener, H-LT stiffener, H top rail, top rail stiffener, HL top rial, OT top rail stiffener, “q” top rail stiffener, contoured top rail, YK stiffener, WT pergola, fence I-stiffener, guard rail stiffener, U-support stiffener, contoured top rail, tongue & groove starter, tongue & groove slat, pergola stiffener, tongue and groove slat. Vented wall panel, roling gate track, V gate track.

Awning, Sun Protection System, Sunshades, Ventilation Louvers & Canopies

Flange, staple groove tube, canvas rail, combo rail, j-rail, roller tube, telescoping serrated tube, Bahama telescoping arm, double hollow tent frame tubing, air foil, hollow blade, solid blade, full round bull nose, sloped sunshade bull nose, self-mating channel, louver blade, front gutter fascia, back gutter fascia, side gutter fascia, square tube support brace, self-mating canopy roof pan, extruded header, gutter extender, fascia extender.

Walkway System & Guttering Profiles

Roof pan, T-flashing, gutter beam, gutters, drain beam, square tube boss column.

Roller Shutters & Colonial Shutters

Accordion blade, Bahama shutter extrusions, ASSA bahama shutters, colonial shutters, 40mm Bertha roll shutter, 58mm bertha roll shutter, impact shutter, hurricane impact shutter.